Our Grapevine Plumbing Contractors Offer Water Heating Cost Reduction Tips

Hot Water Heater Repair Can Often Be Avoided Through Proper MaintenanceAccording to the EPA, water heating is the second largest expense on your utility bill, accounting for 18% of the total utility bill. There are several things you can do to reduce this cost in your own home or business. Our plumbing contractors in Grapevine suggest these six tips to reduce your water heating bill:

  • Replace your standard storage-type water heater with a tankless water heater. New, EnergyStar-approved models can be up to 15% more efficient than those installed just ten years ago.

  • Purchase low flow shower heads and aerators for your faucets to reduce the amount of hot water you use.
  • Insulate the hot water pipes in your home. Insulated pipes reduce the amount of radiant heat loss between the hot water heater and the faucet. This can allow you to turn your water heater down by 10 degrees and save up to 10% on heating costs. Our plumbers in Grapevine suggest an optimal running temperature is 120 degrees.

  • Buy an insulated sleeve for your water heater tank. If you own an older model, this can save you up to 45% on water heating expenses.

  • Invest in a timer for an electric water heater. This can allow you to only heat water when you will be using it. These timers can result in a 10%-12% savings.

  • Consider a gray water heat recovery system. They cost between $300-$500 and use the warm water that goes down the drain to pre-heat cold water entering the water heater. These systems can reduce water heating costs by up to 10%.

Let Our Grapevine Plumbers Save You a Little Money!

By implementing all of these fixes, you could cut your water heating bill by up to 90%! Call our plumbers in Grapevine to learn more about how to save on your water heating.

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